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Enduro Coffee

La Colombia Washed Coffee

Located between 1,600 and 1,900 meters above sea level, with more than 70 hectares of natural reserve, La Colombia will take your breath away. With 52 hectares of coffee, Cafelumbus can produce outstanding single estate Caturra. Gonzalo, the farm manager at La Colombia, has been part of the Cafelumbus team for the past 8 years. Gonzalo is committed to La Colombia and learning about the importance of producing high-quality coffee. He manages a team of 80+ pickers every season. Gonzalo’s family has been growing coffee for over 70 years and it has become the legacy his grandchildren will carry on.

La Colombia has 70 hectares of a natural reserve which Cafelumbus preserves for future generations. Cafelumbus is committed to reconnecting and restoring the bond between people and nature.

By implementing new systems and partnerships, they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, planting native trees for shade, investing in fertilizers with organic compounds that improve soil quality and increase productivity, and creating a new water treatment system that over 120 families benefit from. The goal is ecological regeneration while also providing employment and local wealth to the community.

Notes: black tea, lemon, dark chocolate, dried apricot, pear. Fully Washed & Fermentation in open tanks and sun dried on raised beds. Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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